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Cracked in frame - 1987 Chevy Silverado

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Mike Phillips:
Cracked in frame - 1987 Chevy  Silverado


This is why I don't like "buying" someone else's build and prefer to build my own trucks.

Looks like there was a crack in the frame and instead of starting by fixing the crack they just patched over it.

So now I get to do it right the second time.

Pulled the motor to access the inside of the frame.  Cleaned up 30 years of grime with Oven Cleaner and today I meet with my welder buddy to make the repair.

Here's a couple of pics...

This is the outside patch- looks like they cut off a mirror image section of frame off another truck and welded it to the outside of the frame on my truck.

Here's the problem though- the never addressed the actual crack and it's grown.

I'll update with the repair.

Note to self - never buy - always build.


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Mike Phillips:
My favorite degreaser!

Just be sure to wear the appropriate eye and skin protection.


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Went to the trouble of making a nice patch repair and never finished it correctly.

Yeah wear a mask too with that crap.

Looks like a pretty easy fix. You'll be good in no time.

Mike Phillips:
Did some more cleaning and removed a bracket in front of the crossmember and took these pictures.

In front of the crossmember


Me today...


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