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Member's truck calendar 2018


Starting to get a list of trucks for next years calendar. You just have to get a picture that qualifies for the calendar

1: Each month will have a specific model truck i.e. January = Fleet side, February = Step side and et cetera (if we have too many truck).

2: Images no smaller than 3000x2800 pixels will be accepted.
          A. Images that are resized to this size also wonít be accepted. Camera phones generally wonít produce this quality (depending on the phone make/model they might be able to) and digital cameras ideally need to be turned up to the highest resolution.
          B. Keep your surroundings in mind (pictures with people, houses and et cetera generally detract from the photo).  Trucks Centered in the photo with some border to play with is preferred.


4: ALL PICTURES WILL BE EMAILED TO  webmaster@73-87chevytrucks.com (email pics from a PC, some phones will automatically resize the picture)

This wonít be a beauty contest so even if your truck is rusty or is worked hard like it was built to it will be eligible for the contest and calendar.

The way it works is you will have all year to submit your pictures. Then in December we will open poles to vote on the submissions that qualified (if needed).

January      Suburban 4x4

February      Fleetside 4x4

March          Blazer  4x2

April            Crew Cab4x2

May             Stepside 4x4

June            Stepside 4x2

July             Blazer  4x4

August         Open 4x2

September   Open 4x4

October        Suburban 4x2

November    Fleetside 4x2

December    Crew Cab 4x4

Lets see some more trucks, guys. Remember to submit qualifying pictures to

Any news on this?

I sent mine in for the August slot.  Hope it makes the cut

Rapid Roy:
Is there a calendar for 2018 available on the site now? I have not seen location yet if there is.


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