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How about a forum for mufflers and exhaust?  What's good? What's bad? Sounds ? Fitment ? Etc.

That can go in the Performance section

I have searched the performance section.  There is some info, but I dont think it's very solid.  A sticky thread that had pictures, video, sound, brand, ect would be good.  I spent a about a month of Sundays looking for a 304 stainless system that I could use on my 56" spring short bed truck.  Still haven't found it so now it looks like Im going to have some custom work done.

Murphy's law dictates the day after i have my exhaust made someone will mention a company that makes exactly what i was looking for for half the price.

Personally I have yet to see a bolt on exhaust system that fits any configuration that I would be happy with. If you are choosing to buy stainless then you probably have a TIG welder and therefore probably posses the skills to build your own system. I took a video of the last two exhaust systems I built and they do not sound anything like they do in real life so I was hesitant to post them.

I would recommend buying universal kits and welding it up or getting it done by someone who has a mandrel bender and knows how to weld.

I know of exactly 1 (exhaust) shop in Georgia that has a mandrel bender.  Given the 40K plus price tag I understand.  I also understand that I'm going to have some work done - since there are endless engine, transmission, bed length, cab length, year variations, chassis / frame variations, etc. 

That said it would be nice to have people share what they have done, kits, custom shops, challenges, etc.  The sound may not be exactly as it is in the real world, but its is more accurate than no sound at all.   

A great example is I have seen that Pypes offers a 409 stainless crossmember back.  I cant seem to find anyone who has this kit - regardless of motor.  I also cant find a sound clip for any of the 3 muffler options, I cant find thoughts on quality / construction, and I cant find challenges that may have run into like crossmember clearance.  I do see that sells it.  I'd accept a shameless plug / propaganda at this point.


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