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89 crew cab 4x4 conversion....

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
I have been away from the forum for a good while and a lot has changed. Family has gotten bigger and I have picked up an 89 crew cab that is a very solid truck body and frame wise. Only issue is that it's a 2wd....
I know tons of people kill this question but this truck IS going to be 4x4. I have all of my running gear off of my half ton (1 ton gear ) build I did (differentials t case, trans, etc). I plan on using all of that on this truck. The original plans were to use the 4x4 conversion kit from cutbros but they have since split and there is no telling when kits will be available  again. On top of that at this point i would usually turn to my uncle for help because he had about 20 of these style trucks and is a mastermind when it comes to them, but he unexpectedly passed away in november.... so now I am lost on the best way to go about doing this.
I've looked for a 4x4 frame cant find one. I thought about doing a frame splice up front but the only 4x4 frames I have are 1/2 tons. Any input is very appreciated sorry for all of the typos and crammed reading,  typing this on my phone

Sorry to hear about your uncle. Sounds like you just need the chassis components to tie everything together. Are you specifically looking for a crew cab frame or have you been looking for any K30/V30?

I would love to find a crew cab frame but I would take a reasonably priced 4x4 1 ton frame.

Did you say what series it is? I guess they started at C-20 for a 3+3.

I think Irish and others posted the gauge of 1/2-1 ton frames, recall there is a difference.

I just came up on a 88 C-30, 3+3, 454, TH400 (toast).

Looking to fix and flip, but would entertain moving it without so much work.

Mine is a c20 but if I'm not mistaking the c20 and c20 use the same frame under the crews?


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