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Itís been a while since Iíve posted but I have a new toy;

I bought a 1991 Suburban V2500 4X4 with a 6.2L Diesel with Barn Doors on the back. Everything is factory and I call it my unicorn find. Hereís my question, what all is needed to remove the Gen 1 EDM (PCM) from the truck?  I know I will need to ditch the 460LE transmission for an older non electronic TH350 or TH400.  Has or does anyone know what all I will need to change, swap, add and or delete to do this?


91 Suburban did not come with a 4L60E and why do you want to remove ECM?

Well it might not have come with a 460LE but thatís what itís got in it. I thought they come with 700r4ís and I want to get rid of the ECM and put everything back to mechanical. Iíve owned numerous 85-87 models and never had a problem. Had a 1990 with ECM and had nothing but problems the entire time I owned it. I found this one rust free not abused and owned by Duke Energy so it was well maintained and cared for close to the level as the government used CUCVís. Iím no spring chicken so I would like to get this thing set up to last me the rest of my life.

So has anyone had experience doing this before? Just looking for a little guidance.



--- Quote from: VileZambonie on June 09, 2019, 07:27:53 PM ---91 Suburban did not come with a 4L60E and why do you want to remove ECM?

--- End quote ---
What overdrive trans did they use in the 3/4 ton trucks in 1991?

I thought they used TH700r4ís but it has a 4L60E in it.

Iím thinking get rid of the intake and replace it with an 85 or earlier and drop a 350Turbo in it and that should eliminate everything connected to the ECM, I think?


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