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Carburetor Question


Is it better to buy a new carburetor or would a rebuild do? Automatic choke problems and 7 mpg. Original eldenbrock 4 barrel. Its on a 86 454 Suburban. Thanks for your input

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It should have a Rochester if it was original.

I had a 86 Sub., armored vehicle heavy. My wife got 8-10mpg hauling kids around for several years. They just don't do much better in my experience. And 200HP from a 454 was just depressing. As long as the shaft bores are ok the carb should be ok to rebuild. Edelbrock not original, hopefully it is their Qjet spread bore replacement and not a Edelbrock Performer. I've tried Performers (square bore) on 454's and they never have done as well as the Qjet with mpg.

Many thanks for the reply. The suburban only pulls our RV and I have a friend with a heated shop think well see what we have and take it from there. Also have a opportunity to buy a totaled 2017 3/4 ton Chevy pickup with 20,000 miles ( tree fell on it ) might be a good time to swap engines

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