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Rear A/C and tailgate window switch


I need the bezel(?) for the rear a/c and tailgate switch. So far Iím striking out with the aftermarket. This is for a 91 Suburban, but pretty sure anything with a tailgate and rear ac will work. 


Unless somebody knows different, my fairly recent aftermarket search turned up zilch. Ultimately I got lucky finding both in usable condition at an out of town junkyard. After finding my parts, I strongly suspected the rear window switch bezel was identical to the pickup dual tank switch, but I didn't have one to directly compare. The tank hardware does appear to be available aftermarket.

Alternatively eBay would probably be a source, but I haven't searched recently.

One did indeed pop up on eBay, so itís on the way and case closed.


--- Quote from: jeremy.farlow on February 25, 2020, 10:33:20 AM ---One did indeed pop up on eBay, so itís on the way and case closed.

--- End quote ---

dang, I'm looking for the same thing but haven't turned anything up.  How did you search for it on ebay (specific words?) because I can't seem to get anything like it to come up?

86-91 Suburban rear window switch?


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