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A little history behind these trucks as I understand it.  Dodge and Ford offered extended cabs in the 70's while GM didn't offer it until the 1988 and newer body style.  CVI was one company that offered this conversion as well as extended crew cabs.  The base conversion was a $6K option and went up based on paint and interior options.  CVI out sourced the fancier versions with plush interiors and special paint beyond stock.  There were other companies that offered this conversion as well.  Other rear windows were smaller or opted for none.  These conversions was authorized by GM and came with the full factory warranty.  The conversions were done to long bed trucks by taking 18 inches out of the front of the bed.  The floor was reused as the extended cab floor, the bed pieces was moved to the cab and it was filled in.  Most common found were 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive top of the line Silverado but I've seen Scottsdale and even my Custom Deluxe bare bones truck.  Production numbers have not been verified as the CVI doesn't exist.  I'd love to see as many as possible here.  Pictured is my 1985 C30, a CVI conversion to a Custom Deluxe base model radio delete truck

These were even offered on crew cabs as well. Ove ever only seen three pics of one.

Nice truck!

Hello everyone, first post here but think itís worth it because this form is what informed me more on hopefully my next purchase. 1985 Silverado 454 3 speed 1 ton dually EXTENDED CAB!!!! 70k on the odometer, now the work starts.

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Go Matty! Show us your stuff and progress!


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