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C/10 with wings

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This may not be the best place to share these, donít beat me up too bad, I didnít pick the vehicle.

Other side:

And the machines what done it:

The next victim is the Acura TL on the lift in the background.

Be safe and stay healthy


Back to your tricks again Jeremy?  ;D

It's not really work when you enjoy what you're doing!

Glad you're back in the saddle making $ again.

How's the White Whale?

With moving my shop and going back to work itís been on the back burner. Iím still having some transmission issues that I hope to get back into soon. The new shop is almost ready to accept the truck and Iíll be back to updating when that happens.

Be safe and stay healthy


Those are sweet... What pressure do they operate at, what are you using for system fluid, air, nitrogen, hydraulic?
I'm guessing you can control each separately so the flip can be in either desired direction.

Just zoomed in and I see the pneumatic presslock fittings.


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