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Too much light???

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Lots of nice light, but not convinced. Next mockup, next weekend will be to line the fenders under the lips.

Maybe a tidge, try a section on the top of the inner hood by the latch. Try to mask the excess to get a true level. Add some to each side of the center support.

I tried just the bottom light, not enough. Then put the top on, covered the sides. It's a good amount of light. I like the illumination of the ring, but don't like how the sides glare out at you.

I'm worried about their adhesive holding up under the hood with the heat. Have 3M double sided tape, rated to 200F continuous and 300F short term. That should work. I tried rubbing the adhesive off the led, it comes off, but it's slow and leaves a residue. Time to get the goo gone out and experiment...

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I'm in a industry that's involved in lighting, especially in high end homes. So I like to geek out on this stuff... ::)

Rule of thumb is 'see the effect, not the source'.

I would make a channel across the top of the hood and aim it broadly at the engine well. You might need brighter LED, and even use a channel that is reflective. Or even a couple of channels... ;D

Add to each side of the center support a couple of rows for brightness and you may have a winner!

BTW, it's a VERY cool idea!

Thanks Johnny,

I had a rough idea, found others who have done it on the internet. So not original, but I really like the light. I've got the magnetic switch to install this weekend too.

My good friend thinks I should only do lights that are held with screws.

I've got some lights for a different purpose that maybe I'll mock up for the top that screw in. I can't figure out how many lumens the string of LEDs are. I like the led in the back. You can really see distributor with those.

These are 6w, these might be okay, 1, 333 lumens.

These are 36w, think fog lights, 10,000 lumens, too bright.

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