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Emissions delete/ vaccum lines


Hey everyone, found this form online while doing research on a project Iíve dreamed about since I was a bit younger. Finally came a chance when I could and this past summer I did just that. Bought myself an 86 K10 and started digging into the world of the square bodyís, gotta say i love it twice as much as I thought I would! After making an account and reading and learning from what so much is on this forum Im finally here to ask a question lol! Iíve been considering doing an emissions delete on my truck, and Iíve been on the fence about it, from what Iíve heard itís gotten good news bout it, and there are some folks who still swear against it. Was just wondering what needs to be removed, capped, etc. and if anybody also has recommendations for brands of fuel line and vaccum line thatís also be greatly appreciated. No leaks so far but some of em are looking pretty rough and Iíd just wanna put my money towards the right quality. Thank you, and God bless! -timjake 8)

Welcome,most people remove the a.i.r. pump,some remove the canister behind the drivers side grille.vacuum hoses,you can use any brand you can find.good luck and have fun with it.

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You should post details of your truck and pictures before you accpet advice. Removing certain items will put you at a disadvantage even with performance builds.

Welcome to the forum!

I take it your State doesn't require emissions compliance?

Thank you for the welcomes, unfortunately I reside in the Empire State currently but I donít plan on being here in a few more years, also current laws state emissions test arenít required if a vehicle is older than 25 years. Truck is an 86í K10 custom deluxe, itís 305 5.0L , my plan for it is a daily driver thatíll be able to use for some side work and to get me from a to b. plan on putting a 1406 in her over the summer and have already done a little work regarding spark plugs and wires, along with replacing the egr and new  pull off rods for the qaudrajet. The qaudrajet is pretty shot and I think one day Iíll eventually get around to rebuilding it but right now just donít have the time to fiddle around. Will definitely keep it for tinkering and learning however lol. Ill get some pictures when Iím back home later this week.


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