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I recently purchased a 1973 K5 Blazer. One of my planned upgrades is to install an Off Road Designs Crossover steering kit. I would like to make the driver's side look cleaner by at least removing the steering arm. I wanted to know what other's have done to make this upgrade look better on the driver's side. Is there replacement knuckle for the driver's side without any studs? Remove the steering arm studs if possible? Cut studs off and file down for a clean look. Looking for ideas?

Thank you!

The studs screw in so you can double nut and reverse them out. Are you planning on offroading? Why do you want to convert it?

I do not plan on off-roading this vehicle, per a lot of YouTubers, they say it improves the steering. I will pull the studs. Thanks!

If you replace worn out steering linkage it will improve steering but for converting it don't expect any miraculous improvement for street use. Ever drive a solid axle jeep?  :o

I had a 1980 CJ7 for a couple of years, was not my favorite vehicle to drive comfort wise. The suspension was too stiff and the wheel base too short. I hope the Blazer is better. I have never driven this vehicle since it sat for 30 to 40 years. Per the original owners' godson, the blazer was last driven in 1983, per the license plate, the last tag was from 1993, either way it's been awhile. I am putting it back to together and want to add some improvements to the steering and suspension.


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