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84 K5


Well, I may have made my wife angry. I am the high bidder on an 84 K5 4x4 and later today is the close. Will attach some pics. I have enough going on right now and really don't need another project. Just seems I could not help but bid because it was going too cheap. It is a government vehicle and therefore a diesel that is in poor condition, yet appears to be complete. Will know later today if I am the owner and if I am in the dog house. I have not told the wife about it. When I mentioned it about 4 days ago she said, "You better not bid on it." I have really wanted a k5!

I would rather have a K5 than a nagging wife  8) My woman and kids absolutely LOVE going out in the Blazer. Hope you get it.

Someone slid in a bid with a minute to go and outbid me. Looks like I will have to find another.

Another wife?  :P lol, They're out there, you'll get one.


Touche VZ!


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