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Crew Cab VIN Coming Back As 4x2

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Hi all.  I'm looking at an '88 crew cab (square body) and in the pictures, it is clearly a 4x4, but the VIN is is coming back as a 4x2.  Could this be because the VIN digit that specifies the drive is a "R" rather than a C or K?  Thanks!

Could have been converted, just saw one on Bat that was listed as a C10 but clearly was 4x4.

Ok, but that's C vs K. I believe they're different for crew cabs. Especially for an '88.

With regard to 1988 light-duty GM trucks, R/V refers to the older square body design, whereas C/K refers to the subsequent (newer) body style.

R = RWD / 2WD
V = 4WD

4WD became V in 87. Prior to that it was K. So you're saying that in 87 the C became R?


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