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1980 4wd light indicator switch

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Hi, I had read an older thread about the 4wd indicator switch that screws into the top of the transfer case being substituted with a switch from a 1969 camaro cowl induction switch.  I have my dad's 1980 chev scottsdale with 350 and 4wd with locking front hubs and the switch had gone but new replacement switch is almost $200. I ordered the camaro switch online and have it now, but my question for those who have used the camaro switch is how do you modify it to attach properly to the transfer case? My attached photo shows the original switch at top which threads into the top of the transfer case.  The threads on the camaro switch are larger diameter and the retainer clip which came along with the camaro switch has nothing to anchor it to the tranfer case like the bracket in the camaro cowl induction setup.  Does the plastic thread of the camaro need to be recut to the original steel thread size to screw it in properly and can that be done without wrecking it.  I have no experience with this but my dad who passed away recently bought this truck new and to me it is and always will be part of our heritage and i would love to have it working even if it is just a dash light switch.  $200 just seems like alot if you know what i mean.  Thanks for any help.

Sorry about your dad, about to lose mine.

Drill out the hole of the bracket to allow the Camaro to fit.

Use two nuts to adjust the throw to the distance of the original.

In other words, the original did not need adjustment, it was designed to be installed and forgotten.

The new one has more thread. You will need to sandwich the bracket between two nuts for the correct position.

Just hope that there is clearance for the rest of the long Camaro switch.

Hello JohnnyPopper, thanks so much for the reply.  I took a couple more pictures to clarify my question.   I actually only received the new camaro switch with a retainer ring.  In the first photo, it shows the 2 pieces.  There was no bracket and the second photo shows the view from the cab looking down through the floorboard where the rubber dust boot was removed around the 4wd gear lever which goes down to the transfer case.  I circled the threaded hole on the top of the transfer case where the original switch threads in.  There is nowhere to mount a bracket here unless something were welded and I don't really want to do that.  Is there some type of other clip or cheap mount which would hold the switch in place that I am not aware of maybe?  Or perhaps I misunderstood the type of transfer case where this camaro switch was used in the old thread on this website and is different than the one in my Dad's truck.  Sorry, but I don't have alot of expertise in this area.  I certainly don't want to wreck anything and may end up spending the $200 to just get one that screws in like the original.  My Dad took really good care of this truck and he was a little bit reluctant to spend the $200 for the switch also :)  but I am determined one way or the other to fix it.  Thanks again for any thoughts and suggestions.

I found a switch like your OEM.

Part #: 14024304

There may be other places that have them as well.

I noticed some Dodge Ram Trucks have an indicator light switch that looks similar as well and are inexpensive. Do a search on them.

I didn't realize that yours screwed into the case. I think mine is on a bracket that engages part of the linkage, ergo my advice to drill it out.

Having said that, I don't think you can adapt the Camaro switch without some serious engineering.

Mike's advice is pry the best course.

Do you still have your old one?


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