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87 swb step side BBC -new member first post.

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Sup fellas, just joined up. Ive had this truck since almost new, started out 305tbi automatic, shes been through a couple different nasty big blocks over the years, 489,496, got a decent 54 in her now, 10.3:1, 990s, small solid roller pump gas motor. Also has a Ford 9, 4.56s, super t-10. Fun truck, Im going to be doing some more suspension work figured ya might get a kick outta my project.



Welcome from Tucson AZ  8)

Welcome from AL! Look forward to pics of your truck!

Thanks guys. Having a hard time posting pics from my iPhone (stupid phone). Wrong format... hard the tranny out twice last  phone days Messi NGK with the hydraulic throw out bearing. Out for a rip rn.

Welcome from SoCal San Diego!

Search for a program on this site called PIXresizer

It will shrink them to workable sizes.


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