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Is this why this board is so light in terms of progress on projects?

I'm not making a political statement, just an observation...

With just "fuel prices" +65% I'm just guessing that it's cutting into what is generally disposable income to further our projects.

Again, not that I'm unaffected, just curious...

Definitely effects the "hobby money".   :-\

Mr Diesel:
I'm not afraid to turn this political if that is the cause, but my impression is that it has less to do with inflation rates being 15%+ and more to do with fewer people having a vested interest in squarebodies. A new generation of idiots is taking the helm of this country and they aren't very interested in these old trucks. They like looking at them but aren't doing anything more than that.

I think the hobby is doing very well.  Forum's use on the other hand is down due to the 73-87 Groups on Facebook.  I use to belong to many but the poorly moderated groups I left.  I frequent this Forum a couple times a day.  Facebook gets much more time because of Marketplace.  Kind of a one stop shop for many interests.  My $.02 no one asked for

I cancelled Facebook in Nov 2020 and will never go back. Our government is doing their best to eliminate our trucks and other fossil fuel vehicles with outrageous policies that ban drilling and tax hikes. Inflation does come down to politics and the corrupt government we have that is out of control on spending, much of it going to foreign nations and an open border.


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