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78 C20 Hella Conversion lenses With Philips LED upgrade

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78 Chevyrado:

Made a video about my headlight tonight, figured I'd share it with you guys too. 

Bought in 2011, this is the current PN, dunno if its changed or not over the years.
Hella Housings PN#002395301

Bought in 2021, might be different part number now.
Philips H4 Led Set  Pn#12953BWX2

78 Chevyrado:
I got rid of the driving lights under the bumper.  They are hella 550 comet Driving lights.

When I had halogens, I had them wired in to come on with the high beams, and they were aimed upwards and outwards for more ditch vision.  Back Then They helped.   Now they do

78 Chevyrado:
I think I had a writeup on here at one time about this back in the day but photobucket destroyed it when they broke the internet years ago.

78 Chevyrado:
Here's a vid from tonight I made from 2011 pics...

The hella lens vs the H6024 sealed beam...   I can;t recommend the hella lenses more...

78 Chevyrado:
Hey chris, if you know where my writeup was I'd be more than happy to send you the pics again to make it useable again


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