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Trying to identify what axles I have in 77 K20


77 K 20:
Hello to all I have a 77 K 20 that I'm just starting to work on. I'm trying to figure out the rear end which is a 14 bolt with a stamping # RJHG 1112 and a front axle of 6302C4 which is a DANA I think. Took the rear drums off to check the linings and found more parts on one side than the other for bearing adjustment.  On the left it had an extra tanged washer between the first bearing and nut. Can't find any info if it's supposed to be there or not. Haven't been into one of these rear ends in a long time. Any help or diagrams would be helpful and appreciated. Also does anyone know how to go about getting a build sheet on my truck. It seems as though the mice wanted it more than they thought I needed it. Just some small scraps were left with RPO codes but nothing about axles. Thank you in advance.

Mr Diesel:
I think it should be a Dana 44. Can't help with the build sheet.

Both sides should have that tanged washer. It locks into the plastic in the nut to keep from backing out and getting loose. I'm doubt it would cause any problems without it though.

77 K 20:
Mr Diesel Thanks for the insight. Further searching I find a 44 stamping next to the cover on the front.


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