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What did he just say?

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Mr. Machanic:
When I picked up the 78 Big 10, I was handed 2 keys. 1 for the door and 1 for the ignition.
I figured, No big deal, I'll just get a spare set made.
On test drive the ignition cylinder was a bit fiddley and the key would come half way out while running, so after getting it home and playing with it a bit more, I decided to replace the cylinder. The replacement came with 2 keys, so half the problem was fixed. And that swap out was posted on here.
So now, off to try and get a spare door key cut...(...this should be easy...)
Well, box stores can't do it.. terrific.
Let's drop by the stealership and see if they can make it happen...and the conversation went something like this: "Hi, can I get a duplicate key made from this door key?"
Associate: "Let me check if we have the right blank."
Leaves with my key and comes back with a blank.
Assoc.: "That will be $42.00."
Shocked me takes a step back, "What did you just say?"
Assoc.:" That will be $42.00."
I step closer and repeat: "Did you say $42.00 to cut a duplicate key?"
Ass oc.: "Yes, sir $42.00."
Me: "How much for the blank?"
Ass oc: "$8.00."
Me: "I'll take the blank."
Ass oc.: "Would you like one of our free calenders?"
Me: "No thanks, I don't need a daily reminder of something I won't ever forget."

I know I'm a bit of a tight-wad, but $42.00 to stick a key in a machine and press a button...Not in a million years. I'll drill holes and slap a barndoor hasp on first...

they dont want to do it for old cars.  Heck the 2011 Ford Mustang I LS swapped several dealerships wouldn't even cut the key and wanted $250 for the ones that would do it and I had the blanks..
you can take it to any duplicate key store and possibly do it yourself.

Mr. Machanic:
Today, I took my precious blank to another stealership and they only wanted $25.00 to cut my blank so I went for it.
The chick in control came back a couple minutes and said, "Well sir, I had my manager look at this and for some reason the copy did not get cut deep enough, so we're not going to charge you (for almost getting it right)."
Perfect, at least they didn't cut it too deep.
I can work with that. The hard part is done.
And the only thing I can conclude is their machine is plum wore out. Probably needs new bushings and bearings all the way around.
It would be fun to get my hands on an old key cutting machine and refurbished it back to new.
And when got home, the new key would not work. Surprise, surprise!

Almost any hardware store can still do the door keys for about $2 bucks. In fat ACE hardware was doing them for free if you signed up for their rewards program. A lock smith may charge you $20 bucks for one of these keys cut.

I have been parting out these trucks over the years and if I came across a nice set of working locks with good keys I would remove the locks, tape them together for a rainy day.


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