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Dyeing vinyl dash


Hello...looking for guidance on replacing a dash.  I've seen good reviews on the dashes on this site for my 1983 C10, but wanted to inquire on dying a black dash carmine red.  What dye is recommended, and what do i need to know about dying a black dash?   

Alternatively, i also bought a urethane dash in the correct color, but it fits terribly and needs to be stretched in order to fit guage cluster....any thoughts on doing that?  It is about 1/4" too narrow to fit the cluster.  Premature purchase where i just got excited about the color without reading bad reviews on urethane generally. 

I personally have no issues with the urethane dash, They can be trimmed to fit and will last much longer than what vinyl skinnned.  IMO it is perfect for a Driver.

With that said...
1) Clean with lacquer thinner
2)wash with soapy water, rinse and rewash . Note: adding ammonia to this will help clean older parts
3) thoroughly dry the parts, it helps to dry with an air nozzle
I use paint from the auto paint store, but you can use Cans I used SEM
4) prep the surface with vinyl prep
5) paint the surface with light, even overlapping coats, dont try to paint them fully covered in 1 session.


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