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hi, all new guy here I'm doing g a frame up restoration on my 78 Silverado. I'm running 245/40/20 and 275/40/20 was wondering if 245/45/20 and 275/45/20 would give me a better ride. or no significant difference I have slozh tubs so tire room isn't an issue. I just installed Qa1 front crossmember and coil overs and 4link rear with coil overs.

Although I have never been a fan of that look going from 40 to 45 is going to give you a little taller sidewall.  I doubt that little difference is going to make the ride quality noticeably better.

Sidewall difference between the 245mm tire is 3.85" vs 4.34" or  .5"
Sidewall difference between the 275mm tire is 4.33" vs 4.87" or .54"
Considering the new front will equal the old rear sidewall height you can see sidewall isn't playing a huge part here.

If you have the coil-over system do they have adjustments on the shock body?  have you tried adjusting them?


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