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Clunk when hitting bumps after new wheels and alignment

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1986 C10 2WD

Just got a brand spankin' new set of BF Goodrich AT 31.5 x 10 x 15R (It had the same tires before). I had it done at a proper tire place and had the front end aligned. I brought it back about a week later because the truck steering wheel wasn't returning to center that easily after turning (is that tracking?) and the 'crooked' steering wheel I always had was more crooked. They were nice enough to straighten the steering, check their settings on alignment and grease the front end, no charge.

Now I noticed when driving, suddenly I start getting this clunk sound when hitting bumps (live in new england roads are trash); it sounds from the driver side and I feel it under my left foot under the cab. Obviously there's nothing under the cab.

Any ideas what it could be? I may just take it back to the place to check. I mean they just checked all that stuff. Odd.


Take a look at your shocks. Why didn't you go with 33's?  8)

It's a C10, why would you put 33"s?

juancano, If the clunking didn't happen until you had your alignment and returnability became an issue as well, I'd suspect an improper alignment. Look at the shims and make sure the shaft is tight on the upper control arms. Have an assistant rock the steering back and forth while you observe the front end.

Also, where in New England are you?

DOH! Was thinking of of a K10. ::)


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