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Clunk when hitting bumps after new wheels and alignment

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It has stock height and it seemed 33s would be too much? I mean these tires cost a fortune as they are.

I will try and test it to see if there's any play. Thanks for the tip.

I am in Rhode Island, Warwick.

The shaft and all that seems tight. The wheel itself wobbles when I shake it. I removed it, put it back on methodically and still wobbles.

I read on the interweb that if you press on the brakes and the wheel doesn't wobble, it means the wheel bearings need replacing.

So did that test and yes, when the brake is on, the wheel doesn't wobble at all.

Is the interweb correct?

Rest raising/putting the wheels up like on a bump and look around. Are you missing the rubber bumpers? If not then there is something loose. A joint, bushing, or bolts. You need a thorough inspection. Perhaps also put your truck on a lift and go over it all to find what is loose or broken.

You may also want to check your transmission and engine mounts while you're at it.

After some more reading, it doesn't seem the lose bearing an be causing the clunking. A bad/lose bearing creates a humming or weird constant sound. I'll still fix the bearing on the front left wheel.

Tomorrow or soon I will raise it again and re-check, wiggle, shake and see what esle is going on. Thanks!

Is the wobble side to side or top and bottom?

The braking stopping the wobble could suggest that your bearing are just loose. In any case, I would take them apart for inspection. Look for pitting on the rollers and scoring on the races. If clean, repack and keep going.

Your first post said you got an alignment right? Being a former alignment mechanic I can't believe they didn't inspect the entire front end before taking your money... :o

I would ask for my money back.


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