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Brake lights stay on


Im currently experiencing this issue and kinda stumped. Purchased a 1975 C10 with LS3, 6L80E, digital Dakota gauges with new americanauto wire harness with all LED lights. Flasher relay upgrade for led lights. I started using a test light on rear body harness and everything seems to be testing out properly. When I unplug the rear harness from the steerIng column the lights brightness goes to normal. I had a brand new steering switch I plugged that into the harness and the lights went back to full brightness like the brakes are engaged. I unplugged the brake switch connector and verified the switch is working properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what else it could be? Ive been going through and verifing the grounds are tight with no loose cables. Going to start testing the wires for ground shorts.

Headlights off and ignition on: turn signals, brake lights all function normal
Headlights on and ignition on: turn signals work, brake lights bright like their fully engaged while driving
Headlights on and ignition off: brake lights are low, when brake pedal is engaged light go full bright (normal function)



What LED kit are you using for the taillights?

The Led lights are from United Pacific with the LED flasher with ground wire.

I am not familiar with Union Pacific's LED tails, have you reached out to them.


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