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1979 chevy short bed blue 454 never touched

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My first post.  My dad ordered a 1979 chevy short bed big 10 with blue 454 motor in 1978.  this is a one owner truck, in perfect condition as it rolled off the showroom floor.  nothing has ever been modified or changed on it inside or out.  never been painted on and still shines. still smells new inside.  black with red interior.  has had a cover over it, a very good expensive cover, since 1993.  he used to start it every month faithfully.  it has been parked on a lift now for 11 years.  he passed away february 5, 2023.  i am his only child his daughter.  i inherited the truck when he passed away.  This truck is tied to so many memories of my lifetime.  I learned respect for cars and trucks as a child from my dad. i was not allowed to ride my bike within 25 yards of this truck.  I turned out to be a car guy from heck.  (thats not a bad thing lol).  I cannot allow the truck to just sit and rot away any more.  My intentions are to take it down and completely go through all the fluids change, all hoses and belts, brake lines, seals, everything i can and need to do before starting it up again because i dont want to hurt anything on the truck.  It is unbelievebly immaculant.  I joined here hoping to find information to help me get this done.  It just feels like such a work of art to me and i dont want to modify anything i just want to be sure it is not going to find issues from sitting so long so i want to do the best i can.  I also am wondering if there is a way to title it to myself without making it a 2 owner car, because that does matter, but since he died i dont think it is fair to lose that part of it.  if possible.  I look forward to reading as much as i can from everyones posts to see what you have.  Thank you for letting me in.  i will post some pics soon. 

In for pics, drool-mop at the ready, and welcome from Tucson, AZ!  8)

Welcome from Alabama and look forward to your pics.

Welcome to the site!

Welcome from across the pond, looking forward to seeing your dads truck.


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