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Rude Courtesy Swith


Mr. Machanic:
When I got Bigg'in, the passenger courtesy switch was rusted and froze up solid.
Eventually, ordered a set from a catelog.
Weather finally broke enuf to tinker outside, so after removing the passenger switch, it was guickly discovered the threads were not a match.
The factory threads are 3/8-24 and the new ones are 5/16-18.
Had it not been the fact that the bodies of both are a match, I would of ordered a replacement.
So, what to do about the threads?
How about a thread adapter bushing?
....half an hour later....
A brass bushing with 3/8-24 external threads and 5/16-18 internal threads was in hand. A little thread locker to keep the bushing on the switch and the new switch was installed and functioning like intended. And since 2 came in the package, the driver's side was done as well.

Now, eventhough I made mine on a lathe, the same could be done with 3/8-24 thread-all, a .257 drill and 5/16-18 tap, on a drill press.
It might take a little longer and not be concretic, but it will serve the same function, so don't be discouraged. You can do it. And since thread-all comes in at least 12" lengths, there is plenty of material to practice on.

Fine work!  :D

Definitely the wrong ones.


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