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Hi all, in need of a bit of help, I'm currently putting my truck back together after doing a bit of restoration and I have 2 fasteners that I can't find homes for, they are the same as the ones that attach the inner fender to the outer fender around the wheel arch. Can someone tell me where they go please?
Many Thanks

pics pls?

I'll get a photo up tomorrow, they're the same as the 7 each side which attach the inner wheel tub to the fender around the wheelarch. Got both fenders on today, had to take the passenger side off to reset the door position but all good now, all bolted up now nice and solid, still got to blast the hood hinges off for paint and put the colour on the hood then all the little bits and pieces that take all the time to get right!

Here we go with todays mystery item!

And from another angle.


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