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No fuel after long sleep


Hi all as I'm getting near to my winter resto being completed I put the battery on to check through the electrics then tried for a start, nothing, cranked fine but no sign of trying to start.
Took out a plug, nice and dry so took out a primary float bowl screw and just a dribble of fuel, filled the float bowl through the vent and she started up fine and kept running so pump is now working, have started several times now over the last few days and no problems.
I suppose truck had stood for about 4-5 months while I've been busy on the bodywork.
Does this sound like imminent pump failure or just normal after standing so long?
If I should be looking for a new pump are all 350 pumps the same? Reason I ask is I don't know what year the engine is, it's a 383 stroker with centre bolt valve covers, no visible engine number so guess it's a crate motor, also its all painted black if that means anything!

My guess is that the pump "sulphured-up".....add a small bottle of the Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner, and maybe a shot of Heet dri-gas. 

Keep in mind that today's fuel is chock full of alcohol products, and is heck on anything rubber in the fuel system.  Might be a good time to change your fuel filter as well.

The check valve in the fuel pump may have dislodged from its seat due to the reasons Shifty stated.  As long as there are no continuing symptoms you probably can run it without worry.

Thanks guys fuel had a good dose of ethanol treatment before I started the resto so hopefully the pump will be OK, fuel filters all new and clear after previous problems with what looked like cement in the tanks, I used to keep a new fuel filter in the glove box ready to fit as they blocked up so regularly!
All been good since dropping the tanks and giving them a good seeing to, just got to get the carb set up to run better, just waiting for a lift with the hood and I'm ready to go.



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