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Hope the experts on here might be able to help me out with my distributor on my truck. The truck came with this fitted and I'm now trying to get the motor to run properly. Motor is a 383 stroker TH400 tranny carb a 670 street avenger, primary seems to be OK now but haven't been for a test run yet as just finished putting it all back together following a bit of a refresh of the body.
So here's where I am now she revs good up to around 5K then strats spluttering and missing, at first thout it was the carb but the mixture was fine running in the 13-14 AFR so thought I'd take a look at the distributor, with the cap off it was clear the contacts in the cap were badly in need of a clean so they were all cleaned along with the centre button in the cap, the spring contact on the rotor and the side contact, refitted the cap and it was better but still not great so started to think maybe timing as I've never touched it. I think it's a later HEI dizzy can't see any markings other than Delco-Remy and Made in USA the top of the cap is marked LATCH at both sides of the flat area on the top which I take it is to clamp the adaptor for the diagnostic gear which I have. One thing I noticed a while back is the lack of a vacuum capsule but just assumed it was taken care of electronically? the other find was a four way lead ending in a plug which is just hanging, wire colours are Yellow, (could be white?), Pink/white, Brown/black and Black, should this be plugged in somewhere? So without a vacuum unit what do I set the timing at, abot 35 all in?
Sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much info to help, truck is a 1976 C10 longbed.
Thanks all

76 C10 longbed 383 stroker with TH400 tranny.
Trying to get my truck running better after a bit of body TLC, been playing with the carb to get decent combustion AFR and think it's OK on the primary now although still need to put the new carpet in and the seat before I can give it a road test!
After deciding maybe it was an ignition fault so opened up the dizzy and found the contacts in the cap in a bad way, set to with some wet n dry and got them looking good, gave the centre contact a clean as well while I was there, also cleaned the rotating contact and centre spring contact on the rotor.
Put it all back and it was better but still misfired above 5K revs so wondered if it's maybe the timing which I haven't touched since I got the truck.
Anyway the dizzy doesn't have a vacuum unit fitted which I've never really give much thought to until now so how do I time it? 35degrees all in maybe? Other than Delco-Remy and Made in USA I can't find any numbers on the dizzy, also there is a 4 way connector attached 4 wires yellow (or white?), pink/white, brown/black and black, pictures attached, should this be plugged into something which I don't have?

Dizzy's are for Honda boys. Swap out a vacuum advance HEI in place of your "dizzy"

Hi Vile could it be the vacuum unit has just been removed for some reason? If it stops raining tomorrow I'll see what the timing is now and post what I got.


I'm going to guess someone swapped that in once upon a time.


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