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Hi, is been ages since i last posted.  My 1980 k20 is running great!  One oil leak at spedo sensor is it, and rebuild the window crank on the passenger.  She’s good!

I’m about to buy a car hauler for my other project, 52 international.  I figure it’s about 7500 pounds, but will be rated for 10,000 pounds.  Motor is torquey, plenty for a few towsper year.

1. I wired 30a to the 12v for electric brakes.  Is that sufficient?

2. I have a rebuilt, with heavier parts, th350 in it.  We’re geared way down since it’s k20.  Nice transmission cooler up front.  Any concerns or things i should be worried about?


As long as you don't compare it to a newer truck it will be fine.  Biggest cooler you can get as heat is the obvious killer or autos.

Not really sure what you are asking in item 1...

Hey got delayed, some sort of problem with the website earlier, then distractions…

On the trailer wiring, 7-pin connection, there’s a 12v pin for trailer brakes.  How many amps?  30a should be okay.  On my trailer it charges up the emergency brake kit.  Done know what else it does.

For the th350, it should be okay.  These k20 were pretty solid

I found this article that’ says 6500 pounds.   With the upgrades, it can handle 7000 pounds. That works.


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