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I need to replace the majority of the weatherstriping on my blazer rear window,doors,etc....Does anyone know of a company that has all of the weatherstriping I would need for my blazer.
Thanks for any input

I got all new weather stripping for my truck from  Truck.  The weather stripping for the doors and such fit great.  The only problems that i had were with the windsheild and rear window gaskets.  Both were too big and didnt fit.   1973 K20 - 350/350/205

Also check out www.jcwhitney.com ~Captain's Log~

Sorry it took so long to reply I had to work a little O.T. Thanks for your input I will check out   and I have already looked through jcWhitney's catalog and they didn't seem to have a lot of seals for the back half of a blazer, I will look again thanks for  all the input.


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