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Updated the Daily Driver cleaned up Factory aluminum wheels.

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Last weekend I took the factory aluminum wheels off my Burb to clean them up some.  I spent a little time on them on Sunday a week ago taking off the clear.  Thursday I decided to try some polishing with Mothers Polish.  It was ok, but I still didn't like it.   I finally found some aluminum cleaner and coated the aluminum wheels with it.  Did some scuffing on all 4 wheels as I was determined to get the "bad" spots out.  After doing the hand polishing for 2 rims I went and got a power ball and some polish.  I went back over the again.  Then went over them with Hand polish again hoping to clean it up more.  Finally gave in and called it quits.  They aren't perfect, but they are A LOT better than before.  Took the Daily to the tire store and had them swapped and balanced.  I like it much more now...  (Did I mention I HATE polishing aluminum...)  I plan to have them cleared later...



Truck before:

Truck After:

Chris Lucas

looks good, you did a good job IMO....I am anal about a lot of stuff. Toys are my game

Thanks!  I am a perfectionist, so it killed me to stop, but I wanted to retain the machined look.  If I kept at it until I was happy it would have ended up being polished...  Chris Lucas
Project Su
Jimmy 2WD Project

123 pugsy:
What a difference a nice set of rims makes.Looks great!

Looks great Chris, would look even better with center caps in place.      Jeff

'73 swb 2wd


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