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If everybody could kinda follow suit with introducing themselves I think it would bring us all together as more of a community.  I moved here from an S-10 board where everybody was pretty much on a first name basis despite the user names and planned trail rides and wrenching weekends together and chatted on MSN Messenger.  I think it would be awesome for this board to be like that.  If you agree, then post a reply to this thread telling a little about yourself like your name, your age, married or single, if you have any kids, where you live, what kind of vehicles you have, and your user name on MSN, Yahoo, or the like.       I guess I'll start it off... 87 Silverado 4x4 Longbed Pickup
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I'm Kevin.  I'm 21 and single, no kids.  I'm about 30 mins from Va Beach, 15 mins from Norfolk, VA.  I do construction (of the home remodeling and maintenance nature) and related things.  I just sold my 85 S-10 4x4 w/ a 3.4L and 700R4 w/ HD torque converter and TransGo shift kit, etc. for my 87 Silverado.  I've got a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible I'm going to start restoring once I have the extra money.  I like to go to bars, play pool, go to the beach, and work on my truck.  Anybody in the vicinity, I'd really like to get a group of fullsizes together for a trail ride.  You can e-mail me through the link in my sig or PM me through the board.  On Yahoo! I'm kevinx108 and you can find me on MSN with 87 Silverado 4x4 Longbed Pickup
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If I remember correctly we did this back on the old board, but it sounds like a good idea to me. My name is Harold, I am 32 years old, I live in New Hampshaa, about 40 miles from weirs beach made famous for motorcycle week 76th year in two weeks. The Loudon Classic motorcycle race is also held at the same time. Mt Washington is approx. 70 miles north of my home.  I am not married but not single my girlfriend and I have been together for a little over three years, she has a 14 year old daughter. I have a lab husky who is my best freind and she has a choua (Taco Bell dog) who is cool as heck. I live in the small town I grew up in and probably will till I'm old and gray. I'm an autobody tech. by trade have been for almost 15 years. I have done stints as a heavy truck mech. assistant/ oil/ propane truck driver/ gas/ oil tech. assistant. I have been known to bang nails, for a living, and be a novice electrician. Pretty much a jack of all trades. I lend a buddy of mine and his father a hand on there pro stock roundy round cars from time to time and have helped another kid a few years with a four cylinder enduro car. I enjoy playing pool, down hill skiing, canoeing, walking in the woods, action movies, but most of all 4wheelin my 81 K5 350/ TH350 and cruising my 55 chevy. At current time I have to many vehicles according to my girl. A 78 K20 350 standard, a 86 K20 same combo, a 84 K10 305 standard, (all three of these have plows) plus the forementioned K5 and 55, and last but not least a slew of parts and parts rigs. Edited by: Blazin at: 6/5/02 1:55:04 am

Hey everybody.  My name is David and I'm 19.  I have a 1980 GMC 1/2 ton.  I live all over, considering I'm in school and work.  I'm from WA, I go to school in MI and I work with Harley-Davidson, so right now, I'm Kansas City, MO.  I'm originally an import tuner, so I'm sorta new at this truck scene.  Im not out of the import scene.  I was tinkering with a 93 civic hatchback, but that got totaled in MI.  Now I am also playing with my 96 eclipse.  But right now, most of my energy is going towards the truck.

i'm jean-michel, I live in france (normandy) I'm 39 years old, married, have a nice daughter of 3 months, and a nice wife (marie-pierre) of 29 years.
I own a blazer k5 of 1984, 6.2l V8 diesel.


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