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If you were an exising EZBoard Member read this:


If you were an exising EZBoard Member (old forum) your previous account was transfered to this new forum.  There are several people that are registering new usernames that are like the old ones and I want to purge the duplicates off. 

When we moved I sent out an email to the current members with the new link and a temporary password.  If you aren't using the same email you probably didn't get yours.  again, let me know.

I figured everyone would want their post count to stay the same.  If you don't care one way or the other, let me know and I will remove the old account.  If you do care, email me and I will resend you a temp password. 


PLEASE resist making a new username to join.  I will gladly reset all old useraccount passwords.  If you insist of making a new one, I will assume you don't care about post counts and will remove the inactive one soon after I notice the new accounts.


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