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Official Truck Picture Thread

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** If you are seeing Photobucket blackouts you will need to install a browser add-on like this one Click Here in order to see the images**

Post pics of your truck/trucks right here but first here's a couple rules:
1. Try to keep it on topic
2. Feel free to compliment someones truck but PLEASE don't quote pictures because it clutters it up... instead just address the person by their screen name/handle
3. Dont bash someones truck.... remember we all love our trucks and they are ALL a work in progress!

75 C20:
my 75 c20

My 86 K20

My 75 Blazer I had to sell because of my ex. May she rot

My 74 GMC 454

My 88 V10 Blazer - Sold it last year

My 84 K5 - sold it a few years ago.

I have a pix of some of my other trucks but I don't feel like fumbling through for them now...

Ive been busy for awhile havent been able to get on and then i had to change my user name just alittle.
I just added my Holley Pro-jection and im very happy with the setup even though its a analog setup.

photo missing


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