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How to upload pics to the forum from your PC


If you have a picture on you computer and want to upload them to the forum all you need to do is expand the Additional Options tab below the text field and Browse to the files you are wanting and then hit submit. 

The files MUST be smaller than about 100Kb or they won't upload.  BMP or bitmap files will NOT upload due to size.  See the below screenshot on how I uploaded the pic to the site using the above instructions.

If you get an error that the file is too large here is how you can resize it.  This details MS paint which is built into all Windows PC's (98%) of the members are using this.

reszie1: First you can open windows explorer and view the file to find out its size, if there is more than 2 numbers it is too big.  Ex: 300Kb...   If the file is listed as a Bitmap or ends in .bmp it will most likely be too big also

reszie2: If this is the case Open MS Paint by going to Start -> Run -> type MSpaint and hit enter

reszie3: With MSPaint open select File Open and find where the file is located.  (This example is located in C:\trash\pictures)  Once located highlight it with the mouse and hit open

reszie4: With the file open got to Images -> Attributes.  This will open a box that will show you how big the file is.  If it is anything larger than 800 in the first box and 600 in the second box it is too Large to upload to the forum.  You can resize it here, but the first and second number are ratios of one another, putting in random numbers will distort the picture.  Also notice the size on disk number if it is larger than 90,000 it is too big.  Hit cancel and close the box

reszie5:  The easiest way to resize is to use Stretch/Skew Option.  Go to Image -> Stretch/Skew and another box will open.  It defaults to 100%.  If your image is 2000 x 1500 you will need to use a percentage that gets it to at least 800.  30% of 2000 is 600 change both boxes from 100 to 30 and select Ok.  (600x400 is the best viewing for 90% of forum members).  You will notice the image got a lot smaller.

reszie6:  Going back to the Image -> Attribute box you can see that it is now smaller 512 x 384 (we used 25% in this example).  Hit cancel and close the box.

reszie7:  The last step is to save it as a high quality/high compression image type.  JPEG is the best for pictures.  Go to File -> Save As and it will open the save box.  At the bottom change it from Bitmap to JPEG and hit save.

reszie8:  Now you can open the Image -> Attribute box again and notice that the file size is now below the 90,000 max.

reszie9:  Now all you need to do is follow the above procedures and upload the pic.  Just select the one that ends with .jpg.

Please notice that you can ONLY upload 6 pictures per post.

This program is free and only takes 2 seconds to resize any image to any size so people can easily upload them.


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