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2009 Current Official Calendar Layout

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January - New Beginnings

February - Love those Red Shortbeds

March -March Madness

April -April showers bring MUD Showers!

May  - 73-87's Hard at Work

June -           "A Truck at the Beach"

July -            "73-87's are a DRAG!"

August -        "Hot August Trucks"

September      "CrewCabnal Equinox"

October -       "Orange Truck Special"

November -    "Sub Freezing Temperatures"

December -    "Snow covered 73-87's"

Looks good so far. ;D

Keep in mind we need high res photos from all the winners.
IF you are nominated in more than one month, and you are selected, there won't be duplicate months so nominations will be removed for the rest.

The best stocking stuffer I could ever get for myself! :D

Two questions

Were is December ?

How much per calendar?

Will the be ready for this Holiday season?

Ok that was three were is the 73-87 book for dummies :)


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