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Today at 09:30:54 AM by 1980K20
Views: 29 | Comments: 1

Hi, is been ages since i last posted.  My 1980 k20 is running great!  One oil leak at spedo sensor is it, and rebuild the window crank on the passenger.  Shes good!

Im about to buy a car hauler for my other project, 52 international.  I figure its about 7500 pounds, but will be rated for 10,000 pounds.  Motor is torquey, plenty for a few towsper year.

1. I wired 30a to the 12v for electric brakes.  Is that sufficient?

2. I have a rebuilt, with heavier parts, th350 in it.  Were geared way down since its k20.  Nice transmission cooler up front.  Any concerns or things i should be worried about?

April 22, 2024, 07:29:47 PM by JohnnyPopper
Views: 108 | Comments: 6

In replacing my radiator, I noticed the tank fittings were 1/2 inch instead of 5/8, looking inside, the opening was roughly 1/4 inch diameter.

I called the distributor, was told not to worry, aluminum is more efficient at cooling. So much for a 'factory fit' replacement.

The transmission is a '66 GM THD 425, and the cooling lines are definitely a higher capacity.

I thought I could laser measure the temp after a run to see if the trans is running hotter then the engine by a significant percentage.

Being ignorant of transmission design, I don't know if this obvious restriction is severe, or if the 'flow volume' of oil is not that great.

It's not that there are load issues.

The question is: should I worry? and/or add an outboard cooler, bypassing the wimpy one?

As always, thanks in advance for you help!

April 21, 2024, 11:16:10 PM by Mike81K10
Views: 142 | Comments: 8

I don't have a tac in my truck, guess some came with it. Any recommendations for installing an after market tac.
April 21, 2024, 07:07:25 AM by Chevygold | Views: 115 | Comments: 3

Is there anywhere on the forum with a pdf of the 1976 users handbook, the little glovebox book?


April 18, 2024, 04:22:12 PM by Mike81K10
Views: 198 | Comments: 8

Would the OEM mechanical fuel pump work or would I need to het a HP Fuel Pump? I noticed the aftermarket fuel pumps do not come with a return line. Is the return line really needed? I would prefer to keep the mechanical, yet have thought about an inline electric pump. Any recommendations would be great.

I also would like to know if anyone has used a fuel shutoff valve solenoid 12VDC. I have noticed they are powered in the open position and no power in the closed position. I would like to put one in my system to enable me to shut of the fuel supply for security purposes. Any solenoid valve recommendations?

Perhaps we should have a topic for security options on our trucks.
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