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I registred on the forum, but never recieved an activation email


Due to the enormous amount of spam accounts joining the site recently, as of June 1st, 2011 ALL accounts will be approved by me.  This is typically done once a week on Thursday evening at a minimum or when we get over 50 members.  If you haven't been approved it is because we haven't reviewed your information.  Generally we have about 150 accounts that have to be rejected due to spam, so this could potentially take the whole week to get them all.

If you have recently were approved on the forum and did not recieve an email, you are probably using,, or some other Internet provider that is blocking our emails from reaching you.   There is nothing we can do to make them quit blocking them.  We are now going to purge all inactivated accounts monthly.

All of our notifications emails are going out to the users as normal.  If you have not recieved your activation email you need to register with a known email provider., and are email providers that can recieve emails from our domain.

If you are having these problems at the login you can request a new activation email.

If you are using an account that gets no activation email use this link to email us to from the account that is having activation problems with the ID name and we will remove the ID as we get time so you can register again with a new account ID. Member - delete my account ID


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