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84 c10 fender wont line up

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im having trouble with the fender not lining up. i installed new polyurethane bushings for the cab and core support and the core support is way too high. the fender needs raised way more than possible? I have shims under the bolt located under the hood and i can not get it to the proper location. in fact, im pretty sure it would be too high going by the body line located in the center of the truck. i thought maybe the core support bushings were wrong and too tall perhaps?

i was wondering if anyone had an idea what's going on?

pictures would help of the overall problem, what your frame looks like and all

I hope the video shows what I'm having issues with.


Sure looks like the wrong core support bushing unless the cab mounts are wrong

from the core support mount to the core support measures 1 7/16".  Granted mine are original but yours look a whole lot taller


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