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Door Window Alignment
« on: May 14, 2023, 10:26:12 PM »

1980 K20, doors are reproduction, windows are repro.

New job and other stuff, I've just gotten back to the 1980 this past week after many, many months.  I had purchased a new vent window for the drivers side (my rebuild didn't work out well at all :-().  Previously I'd had all sorts of alignment problems which I had attributed using the reproduction crank unit.  Those are pretty flimsy, flop around a lot.  So I put new rollers on the old unit, the rollers don't fit well, had to do some grinding, but they're on and appear to be okay.

The window doesn't want to align with either the front or rear channels.  At the rear, it wants to go closer to the outer door skin, at the front, it wants to go closer to the inner door skin.  If I hold the windows and manually align, I can get them in the channels.  I put a large spacer at the rear and that's much closer now.  I've put in washers inbetween the crank unit and the door to try to get the alignment better because that helped before, but it's still whacked, worse than before I started.  Previously when I rolled up the window, I'd have to pull it in to get it into the channel.  I've had the vent window in and out three times, worried that too many more experiments and i'll get some sort of issue because Murphy rules my world.

Suggestions/ideas on what you did to get your windows aligned and consistently running up the channels?

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Re: Door Window Alignment
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2023, 04:46:45 PM »
Make sure you have the correct felts and run channel for the year glass you are running. There are differences in rollers so make sure you have the correct ones. Leave everything loose and roll the window up tight (use sil-glyde) and then set everything in place, tighten all fasteners. Operate it and see where and when it goes squirrely.
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