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December 03, 2021, 09:45:30 AM by ih8vols | Views: 66 | Comments: 2

I have a 79 Silverado Stepside. I've been having issues with it pulling to the left pretty hard when braking. Since it's winter, I've decided to replace all the front brake lines. I ordered replacement pre-bent steel lines from .

Couple questions:

  • The steel lines don't line up to the old ones exactly. In order to secure it to the frame, I'm going to need to bend them some (I have a tube bender). Is there any issues with brake lines having a 90 degree bend or is that a bad idea?
  • How do you bleed brakes on these trucks since it has the proportioning valve? I bought one of the aluminum overrides. Do I use the override, bleed the brakes and replace the override with the valve when done? Will that introduce air back into the lines?

December 01, 2021, 12:08:23 PM by 78C20Daws
Views: 280 | Comments: 11

I have a stock 78 C20 with a 350 and a QuadraJet and factory HEI, and I have been having some issues with drivability after going 3/4 throttle or more. Truck starts, runs, and drives fine until I get on it. The first time getting on it goes well, but after that it bogs/chugs bad on light acceleration, especially from a stop. Changed the advance weights/springs/centerplate with no luck in solving the issue. Also if I leave it parked for a day then the problem seems to go away until I get on it again. Any ideas?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
November 30, 2021, 10:00:57 PM by burbboysgc
Views: 62 | Comments: 0

I have a question about Sanderson bb8 header install I saw on the forum.
I just wanted to know the bends for the down pipes that come off the Sanderson collectors. What radius pipes have to be used on both driver and passenger side? I was thinking a 45 degree and 60 degree? The collector adaptors have a slight kick up to them. Trying to do this myself without going to exhaust shop.  This is on a lowered 79 C10. Trying to keep exhaust as close to frame as possible. Thanks for your help.
November 29, 2021, 09:46:48 AM by ToppDogg | Views: 110 | Comments: 3


I CANNOT get a clutch fork to fit into my bellhousing and onto my shaft. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated! I have a 1987 Chevy V20 I got a few months ago.  It needed a new fuel pump, fuel tank, new starter and new clutch. She (Katy) starts and runs now, but I have yet to throw her into gear... I have never replaced a clutch but I got Youtube so it seemed easy enough. Everything was hunky-dory until I went to put on the new release bearing and clutch fork, I've spent at least 4 hours trying to get the dang things on there. I have tried a variety of different auto parts stores and they keep giving me a clutch fork that is not quite the same size as the one I got off the truck. I got these numbers off of the clutch fork, 15592270, I think its the original GM part but when any auto parts stores look it up they all come back and give me the same part that doesn't fit, CF-116. I have tried telling them I got a different tranny (Tailshaft Housing Casting Numbers 15597793) but so far I haven't had any luck getting a fork that fits. I cant use the fork I pulled out because there's way too much play in it and I think that's part of the reason that the clutch I pulled off was so worn down.  How can I find the correct fork?!? I attached a photo for ya'll to see how perty she is.
November 28, 2021, 04:11:57 PM by 1980K20 | Views: 172 | Comments: 4

Lots of nice light, but not convinced. Next mockup, next weekend will be to line the fenders under the lips.
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