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Ignition coil troubles
« on: March 20, 2016, 08:57:34 AM »
Ok so when i bought my truck it had a msd 6al box a blaster2 coil and hei distributor (not sure if that was msd or just a red cap). but i swapped to a 454 last February and everything has worked good ignition wise since, but i was in oreillys a few weekends ago looking in the speed shop isle and decided i had some extra money in my pocket and id get a new coil. the old one still worked but it was dented and looked old so I decided a shiny new one was within the buget. I got the accel super stock coil for about 35$. So when i got home and popped the hood i made sure to note what color wires was already hooked to the coil. it was orangish red to the + and black to the - which to my knowledge is the right way. but when i put the accel coil in and wired it red to + black to - it wouldnt start not even a sputter. so after checking all the connections, making a new ground to the cab still nothing so i decided to wire it up backwards and see what happens. so i put red to - and black to + and she fired right up. So i blamed it on the cheap accel coil and drove it for a few days. Then yesterday i took it out brought it back to oreillys while my buddy was working he warranty it and i paid the difference for a new msd blaster2 coil exactly like the original one that came that came with the truck same part number and everything. But when i took it home to hook it up same thing red to + and black to - and it wont start hooked it up backwards and works fine. So i took the new blaster out and put the old one back in red to + and black to - and it starts perfect. So what is the difference in the new coils compared to the old one that they dont work when wired up correctly? Ive read that coils will work wired either polarity but you get best spark when wired the correct way. also i feel like running the coil backwards isnt good for it. I havent changed anything else between wiring the coils so im stumped as to why the new ones dont work right. Any help would be appreciated.
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