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Parts Information by Hatzie
« on: November 18, 2018, 08:11:24 AM »
I can't upload them to the board but I can post the text and links to the individual books I used on the 67-72 boards.

1973-1991 GM Light Truck Parts and Illustration Catalogs

Hosted at:
GM Parts Wiki is page by page viewable online.  You can't download the whole book from his site.  It's hosted with free access by Ian Harding.  My scans of the 1973-1991 CK RV parts catalogs are searchable PDF files weighing in at 80-100 meg for each catalog set.  The site is organized by printing date, not coverage dates.  This list should allow you to find which CK RV catalog you need to search.
  • Catalog 51- 1973-1978 Feb, 1983 Printing GM CK G P Light Truck Parts
  • Catalog 51A 1973-1978 Feb, 1983 Printing GM CK G P Light Truck Illustrations
  • Catalog 52A 1979-1984 Sep, 1984 Printing GM CK Light Truck Parts & Illustrations
  • Catalog 52D 1984-1987 Oct, 1986 Printing GM D1-D3  1984-1987 CUCV Military Light Truck Parts & Illustrations
  • Catalog 52R 1985-1988 Jan, 1988 Printing GM CK 85-86 RV 87-88 Light Truck Parts & Illustrations  *** Ian Harding scanned this catalog ***
  • Catalog 52R 1985-1991 Sep, 1990 Printing GM CK 85-86 RV 87-91 Light Truck Parts & Illustrations

Light Trucks Parts Books on Mediafire...

Note: you need both Parts and Illustration books to have a complete manual.  (Ignore the surrounding ads and <click> on the "DOWNLOAD (_._MB)" button.)

1973-1978 C/K G P

1978-1984 C/K G P


1985-86 C/K 1987-91 R/V

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