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After getting the major issues sorted I'm trying to get the smaller issues sorted, managed to get my wiper motor working, the squirter pump was seized stopping the motor from turning, next up is the horn and shifter indicator, found the cord was snapped which I thought would be a simple fix but I can't see where the cord attaches to that pulls the pointer across as the shift lever is moved, I can't see anything moving as I move the shift lever but I can't find a detailed diagram of these parts.
The horn issue is as follows, I have 12v at the contact in the steering wheel but when I earth it I can't hear the relay click and the horn doesn't sound so looks like the relay is faulty, the other issue I have is that the spring loaded contact pin does't make contact with the spring disc under the horn button, it seems to be too short.
Any suggestions with the above?
Sorry forgot to mention '76 Cheyenne TH400 and SBC 350 stroked to 383



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