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Steering column swap help


Hey guys i have a 83 c10 Silverado trim swb
 I recently purchased a steering column from a 85 blazer that was in better shape then mines. I like it because i woud like to move the dimmer switch and wiper switch in column due to i can't get my pulse to operate. My question is upon doing the swap i noticed that the shaft in the 85 is different. I have the splined shaft and the 85 is the d shaped shaft. Is there a way i  could use the steering column on my 83. What needs to be changed

Splined shaft was 73-77 so you have a different one.  From 83-86 it is pretty easy especially if the pigtail plugs were left with the 86 column

The column out my truck was splined so wat do i need to do to use the one from the 85???? Change the steering shaft coupler where the splined shaft goes into??

You just have to get the intermediate shaft from the newer style


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