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GMC Horn Button Refinish


I have a used horn button that I would like to refinish. It is for a 1979 GMC but the wheel and horn button.  Me and my son are rebuilding the truck and I gave him the choice of a stock steering wheel or aftermarket so he decided on a factory wheel. We found a wheel out of a 1973 truck in the junkyard that was solid with no cracks and a horn button off ebay. I just can not find any pictures showing what the 1973 GMC horn button logo colors should be. Does anyone have a picture or idea what it should be? I have attached a picture of the horn button we purchased.

Fill the area around the GMC with mustard colored paint. The GMC and the border, use a chrome pen.

BTW that's not a 79 wheel, 73-77 is what you've got there

Thank you very much. I bought the steering wheel then found out what year it was.


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