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Steering Column Shaft Pieces


I decided to completely dismantle and rebuild the steering column.  It came apart very easily but trying to get the two part shaft and bearing sleeve to go back together and struggling.  Does anyone have any tips or tricks?  I see there are lines in the lower shaft that match up to the bearing placement in the sleeve but I cannot get the upper shaft to slide over the lower shaft with the sleeve.  This is from either a 73 C10 or 76 C20 and is a non-tilting automatic steering column and any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Have not ever taken that portion apart. I can tell you that is were the outer column collapses on front end collision. I don't know if you can put that back together without being loose as it is supposed to be stiff and then collapse easily on impact.

Ugh, great.  I didnt even think it would be a problem getting it back together because it came apart relatively easily.


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