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How to replace ignition switch?

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Hey Guys.
73 c20 here.

This thread is teaching me that I need a steering wheel puller to access the ignition switch that I'm replacing.

But, can I confirm anything else I may need before going further?
I've looked at many videos online, and can't seem to find one that looks like my column.
For example, in the photo attached, this is how far I got down the column before becoming stuck.

The ignition switch is on top of the column and you do not need to remove the steering wheel.

Spool, did you look at the service manual?  Removing the steering wheel is necessary only if you need to replace the key tumbler.  As VileZambonie stated, the ignition switch attaches to the top of the steering column roughly 6" behind the dash plate.  The key tumbler actuates the switch through a geared rack and rod that runs down the top of the column.  The easiest access to the switch is by unbolting the column and dropping it down to lay on the seat while you work.  Or, if you're only a foot tall, you can stand under the dash and reach up over your head.   ;D

In his picture it looks like the cylinder is missing.

Apologies. I think I posted in the wrong thread thinking my ignition switch is the tumbler.

It's the tumbler I need to access. The plastic piece for your thumb when turning the key broke of- So, I'm looking to swap it out.


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